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Local Organiser Post (6 Months)

UNISON  Middlesbrough Local Government Branch

Job Brief: Local Organiser (6 month post)

Job Description and Person Spec

Application Form

Employed by UNISON Middlesbrough LG Branch and working across all employers within the branch’s geographical coverage, the successful person will be an enthusiastic and flexible resource for organising at local and regional level.
The focus of the post is on recruiting new members directly-one to one or using simple issue based campaigning; carrying out leaflet drops; going to induction sessions; helping to draft local and one off recruitment materials.
More than simple recruiter, this new generation of UNISON organiser will link with regional organising teams and will use mapping and campaigning to help develop new activists at a branch level.

See links above to apply

Completed application forms must be received no later than 4pm on Monday 19th October 2020 by email to: borounison@gmail.com
Virtual Interview Date: Friday 23 October PM


Latest UNISON Guidance on Schools

Dear Member,
The Department for Education has now published the following advice: –

Planning guide for early years and childcare settings
Guidance for secondary school provision from 15 June 2020

In addition to the above, a number of existing documents have been updated by DFE.

A full list can be here

UNISON’s Schools FAQ has been updated with some specific content on early years setting. 

There is also guidance for vulnerable employees and template letter wording to their headteacher to explain their circumstances.

All of these are also listed at the bottom under Resources on our Schools Covid-19 webpage.

PPE Not promises

PPE! Not promises

Our members in care, the NHS and other vital public services have risen to the challenge of dealing with this pandemic.
But many feel they are forced to put themselves in harm’s way every time they go to work because this government is not keeping its promises on personal protective equipment (PPE).
Staff are not the only ones at risk – their families and the people they care for are for are also in danger.
Promises won’t cut it any more: we need action.

Please go to the UISON Website Here for more information and to sign the petition


PPE, not promises

Street Enforcement team

Keeping you safe

Middlesbrough Street Enforcement Teams are keeping the public safe.
They are advising people to stay in!
They are taking calls from the public and are responding to those in need of assistance and are driving round the area in the vans to help the public keep safe.

Care workers wearing donated PPE

Supporting our Care Workers

UNISON Middlesbrough LG Branch has supplied a small quantity of PPE for Care workers across the Area recently.
We wanted to say Thank You for the support you are giving to our relatives during these unprecedented times.


M’bro Council – Coronavirus: information for residents

See link to M’bro Council Website

Updated 26 March 2020

New: hardship fund

Everyone who is of working age and currently getting Council Tax support will get a rebate on their Council Tax bill.
To ask us for help, please ring the M’bro Council Community Support Team on 08081 789 278.

Ban on evictions and additional protection for renters

Advice for informal carers

Benefits, Business Rates, and Council Tax information

Free school meals

Homelessness services


Action Fraud has helpful advice and an online fraud reporting tool.

Keep in touch

M’bro Council has set up dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages to keep you up to date with the latest information for residents and businesses.

Like Coronavirus information for Middlesbrough on Facebook

See link to M’bro Council Website


CORONA Virus – Help available

Middlesbrough Council have put together a range of support to help our residents and communities stay safe and well throughout these difficult times.

If you are affected by coronavirus and feel you need help goto middlesbrough.gov.uk/helpboro
or call 01642 729777 or you can email volunteering@middlesbrough.gov.uk.

If you want to help others in your community, head on over to middlesbrough.gov.uk/helpboro for further details.


COVID- 19 crisis

Join UNISON today online at:     Join.unison.org.uk

We are here for you

Dear Staff member,
We would like you to know that we are still here for you as normal, at the Branch Office, to support you in work during the COVID- 19 crisis

You can contact us via the following methods:
       Tel: 01642 219847
       Email: borounison@gmail.com

General information and advice is available on the UNISON Web page – please visit unison.org.uk

Thank you for the dedicated work you do in providing essential services to the public at
this time. – Thank You

Middlesbrough Local Government Branch.  We are here for you!